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Welcome to the Unfunny Homepage of Mothman and Company
This page last updated: 13 January 2004
Nothing to worry about...Welcome to the Mothman & Company home page, a site devoted to showing off the comic strip I drew for the University of Connecticut's student newspaper—the Daily Campus—during the academic year 1992-1993 [Editor's Note: I will add new Mothman & Company comics and unrelated editorial comics as time permits].

I hadn't touched this page in years, but after the comedic value of these strips was called into question several years ago by a long lost ex-girlfriend's husband (!), I guess the sting of that rebuke has impelled me to reinvigorate the Mothman & Company oeuvre. Actually, it's been several years since his hurtful comments about how un-funny I was, and you can see from the vitality of this page that it musn't have hurt all that much.

I'm going to slowly and tediously add strips as I see fit [Editor's Note: Yeah, right. See note above]. Some new ones are also in the works, so please send no more emails. My hands are still sore from all the autograph requests!

Bud Light! This was the initial test strip that started it all. Los Angeles had just exploded in the wake of the Rodney King verdict, and the editor of The Daily Campus loved the sophisticated juxtoposition of Bud Light's then current comedic marketing campaign with the tragedy of explosive social unrest. Notice the delicate line art! Delicious!
Stinky Socks! This was the first published Mothman & Company strip. It touched on all the pain points of college students of the day: reading bad books, separation anxiety, dirty laundry. It was also the first salvo in a war to undermine the patriarchal system that binds us all; it was also a battle that almost cost this artist his sanity.
Jesus! This strip first delved into the origins of the Mothman, and it attempted to show the warm, personable, libation-enjoying side of a hellish extraterrestrial life form. Having said that, don't we all long for the warm embrace of a friend? The proffering of friendship at the close of a long journey?
Alien Hoops! In this strip we're introduced to a nine foot alien who is really not very different from ourselves. While biology may make us all very different, the athletic pursuits of men can bring us closer together (unless, of course, it's a soccer match and you're in the Third World). Even aliens like to hoop it up.
Jesus! This strip was based on an elaborate play on words. In an era of dramatic global capitol flows and bottom-line economics, I was harkening back to a simpler time of crucifictions, slavery, and life expectancies in the 30's. Plus, I think the notion of sharing prophets is just plain funny!
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