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Last Updated: 29 November 2009
Our Late Mastiff-Rottweiler Mix's Page
What a beauty!29 November 2009:It's been more than a month since our sweet girl Miette passed away, and it seems like a crying shame now that I didn't keep this web page more up-to-date. Honestly, I haven't really felt like doing much since we lost Mimi. They say that home is where the hearth is, but honestly for us it was where the hound was. The minute I walked in the door after leaving the Vet's office for the last time our house felt different. Absolutely different. Miette was never not in our house—whether we were here or not—especially in her later years when kenneling became out of the question and long drives weren't as fun for her. She was always looking out the front window checking on the neighborhood or greeting us as we came in the door. Now that she's gone, it feels like we are just staying at a hotel or in an efficiency apartment. She was so much a part of our young family that I don't know when not having her is going to feel more normal.

So, what exactly was Miette and where did she come from? Miette was born in Austin, Texas on July 13, 1997. She was one of 6-7 puppies born to a big Mastiff-Rottweiler bitch by the name of "Chalula", and supposedly fathered by a big Mastiff-Rottweiler father named "Hondo." I never met Hondo, but the rest of Mimi's litter that survived childbirth all looked like Rottie's with black, white, and tawny coloring. Miette actually entered the world grayish-silver...she was so different from the other puppies it's why I picked her. In her 8th or 10th week we finally took delivery of her and she immediately began to instruct me in the ways of fatherhood.

To Be Continued...

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